Every Step of the Way.









1992 / 1997

A casual meeting among several Sri Lankans in 1991 gave birth to a voluntary organization called SRI LANKAN STUDY CENTRE FOR ADVANCEMENT OF TECHNOLOGY AND SOCIAL WELFARE, commonly now known as SCATS Australia in 1992. These Sri Lankans sincerely believed that every Sri Lankan living in Australia should make an effort to integrate with the wider Australian community while helping the less fortunate in their country of birth.

1997 / 2002

The stage was already set for SCATS to spread it wings and move out to the wider community. The first spark that about the cultural awakening in the community was the variety show “Madhu Ranga”. SCATS turned its attention to drama and staged “Vessantara”, “Bak Maha Akunu” with Melbourne Sri Lanka community talents and Vimukthi by Subasinghe and the team. This team also arranged several performances of short drama in Australian Schools as a visiting Sri Lankan drama group.

2002 / 2007

Various activities were held such as fund raisers, SCATS Niter, a Food Fair, Rythma rata variety concert, a Youth concert, a musical extravaganza in aid of the people distressed and devastated by the worsening flood situation and landslides in the southern region in Sri Lanka to be utilized in the rehabilitation of a school in Kamburupitiya in the Southern region of Sri Lanka. The screening of films “Purasakmana”, “sudukaluwara”, “Randiya dahara”, “Udugamyamaya’”, “Rankevita””, VCE students revision classes continued, while a lecture-demonstration on dancing was also held.

2008 / 2012

Obtaining more than $3000 worth books for donation to Sri Lankan universities, High schools, Trade colleges and Primary schools. The Sight First hospital in Hendala was donated well over $20,000 dollars, enabling it to carry out cataract operations for unprivileged people in Sri Lanka. The Lion club of Dandenong Supper became an enduring partner of SCATS because of this project.