I am immensely proud to be the founder president of SCATS
Australia and to be able to celebrate its 30th anniversary this
year, which is a significant achievement for any community
organisation. In 1992, SCATS was founded by a handful of
professionals and today it has grown into a community
organisation that serves Sri Lankans and wider Australian
community in the fields of Arts, Religion, Culture, Sports and
innovation. An integral part of SCATS’ core objectives is the
welfare and to look after the senior members. SCATS
contributes to this worthy cause by providing opportunities for
them to meet,exercise and improve their knowledge.

SCATS is greatly supported by its members, their families and
volunteers. | am grateful for their tireless work for the last thirty
years and their contributions which are visible even today.
During the last thirty years, SCATS has empowered many
minds and paved the way for professionals to showcase their
new innovations in the areas of Science and Technology. My
sincere hope is to strengthen SCATS to a position where it is
able to guide everyone.

For this 30th Anniversary | request all of you to join SCATS to
make a difference by achieving our noble goal of establishing
the SCATS Multicultural Center in the near future.

― Gamini Perera OAM

Founder President of SCATS Australia